Карти контактів


Fight: 1. Health: 1. Evade: 3.
Damage: 1. Horror: 0.


Орда скажених щурів несеться вперед, зливаючись в однорідну хвилю кігтів, зубів і строкатої шерсті.
Bill Thompson
Базовий набір #159. Щури #1-3.
Зграя Щурів

A card most often seen as encounter filler in an early campaign scenario. On all but the weakest fight value investigators most likely to just consume an action to dispatch, or two if unlucky. At least it has hunter.

Also Often exploited to trigger specific — The_Wall · 252
Also often exploited to trigger specific interactions; for example Roland dragging one over to a high shroud location to splat it for a tough clue. — The_Wall · 252
Very good point that I missed. Never underestimate a guardian dragging a monster in handcuffs or otherwise to where they need it. — DoodleRaccoon · 2
You cannot cuff rats (and most monsters), they are not humanoid. But since they deal only one damage and no horror, the AOO is easy to take, even for Roland. — Susumu · 217