Three Aces

Noob question

but how does this card works with "succeed by x" effects?

"Watch this!", Mauser C96, Opportunist, Lucky Cigarette Case, Quick Thinking, Lockpicks, Switchblade, Deduction (2), Perception (2), etc.

Viektor · 1
Crisis of Faith

After FAQ 2.1 was published, in accordance with entry 2.23 (p. 13), the sister is no longer to deny her Crisis of Faith - it does exist, which mean a single card as an emergency button doesn't work. However, another card comes to mind for Mary's weakness, which is Tides of Fate: play it next round right after the upkeep phase, and pack yourself with some Bless-Sealing cards, the weakness is reasonable to be played around.

IvanYHYu · 3
It's a good thing we got this nerf to Sister Mary, she was really out of control beforehand — CaiusDrewart · 2910
While Mary might not have been OP, it was kinda BS that she and Diana could see totally ignore their weakness. What should be an interesting choice for them became a non-issue entirely. — Nenananas · 229
For Sister Mary the nerf is bigger, than for Diana. Even with the new reading, she can ignore one horror, loose a card, and stack DE below, essentially eating up 3 horror and staying at the same brain level and drawing a card and gaining a resource. The level 5 version gets overcosted, when used on "Terrible Secret", though, as it essentially only counters one more horror. I agree with Nenananas, that the option was kind of BS. I played Diana for one campaign without being aware of this option, and then some time with the cheese, and I agree, she doesn't need it. But like mentioned in other reviews, the new ruling has opened up some positive interactions with player cards, that also feel kind of silly. (Carolyn generates a buck for each charge spent from "Earthly Serenity", even when used on the same card, and there might be others.) So the fix is far from perfect. — Susumu · 312
Sorry, my math was wrong with "Terrible Secret", it's "only" 2 horror with DE (0). Say you have 5 cards below her, when drawing TS. You ignore 1 horror, discard a card, so you still have to take 3 horror, if you want to stay at the same willpower. You would probably rather take only 2 horror, and stay at 5 willpower for a turn, but that's another consideration, not the math of the card. Still, in my book, DE (0) looks like a great counter for TS, even after the nerf. And DE (5) can probably also be worth it, in particular if you got it with some upgrade discount, and use the second copy for greater impact. — Susumu · 312
Smite the Wicked

I DREW THIS CARD ON THE LAST TURN OF A SCENARIO. But it's not that bad anyway it could be worse and Zoey likes engaging and killing monsters so if you draw it early or mid game then you can get rid of it easily

Hidden Pocket

Just my 2 cents, but I haven't read anywhere that you can't have 2 copies of this on the same card.

So I went down a rabbit hole and thought, if you put 2 of these on bandolier, you'd a total of 6 handslots. 2- per normal, 2-bandolire, and 2- hidden pocket.

It'd be pretty sweet to hold double Thompson and double mouser. Though, that's over 20 resources, but talk about being loaded for bear!!

You are correct, it is both legal, and in my opinion, encouraged, for Wendy to use 2 hidden pockets to hide a Thompson in her shoes — NarkasisBroon · 10
Carolyn Fern

With the new ruling on "For Each" effects, where each instance should be resolved independently when you have a choice between each instance of a given effect, Carolyn suddenly has a few cards that can give her or her friends multiple resources in one action. Some of these are:

Meditative Trance: You can break even on this event at 2 slots filled, or go higher if you have extra arcane slots for some reason.

Earthly Serenity has the most obvious direct application, especially the upgraded version. Just play it and get a ton of money.

Logical Reasoning can go revenue positive if you have a total of at least 5 horror amongst investigators at your location - not unlikely in some campaigns.

Liquid Courage, sadly, does still have the "additional" modifier on it, so it should still only give carolyn one resource - unless I'm wrong!