I'm pretty sure that Wilson can use his Ad Hoc (by active another tool) to discard Ptichfork from his hand and fight. And when he succeed, Pitchfork will attach to location form discard pile, then you can and control it without paying its 3 cost. If thats not enough, ask your best buddy Bob to give you a Survival Technique to make Pitchfork rotatable.

OnThinIce · 5
Blessed Blade

Finally Guardian has a weapon that is better than timeworn brand.

This is a very unassuming weapon, it doesn't do anything special, it's not a particularly great bless synergy card, it's not a particularly powerful boss killer, but what it does do is give you a +2/+1 weapon you can swing time after time after time that takes only one hand slot, a hand slot that can even be satisfied with an Occult Reliquary.

It's nice that it can put in a few blesses.

It's nice that it doesn't consume blesses.

It's nice that it only costs 3, instead of 5.

It's nice that it's 4 exp instead of 5exp (Timeworn Brand).

It's nice that if you attack an enemy engaged with another investigator and fail, you only deal them 1 damage instead of 2.(The bonus damage is only on a success)

It's just a nice weapon, nothing crazy, just nice. I'm prepared to see this card as a side arm in more than a few decks.

There aren't many Guardian weapons worse than Timeworn Brand — SSW · 204
"It's nice that it can put in a few blesses." I think, if I don't particularly care for this "nice" thing, I'd still rather look elsewere. 4 XP is still expensive for a side arm to deal 2 damage per action. That's not to say, this won't be a great card in the right decks, but not as universally good for any guardian, like you're selling it for. In particular with "Brand of Cthugha" in the pool, which gives a very cheap option at 1 XP and 2 resources for a side arm, and can be upgraded to an even better level 4 card, once you have the XP to spare. — Susumu · 326
The Sable Glass

Just played through the Skarlet Keys for the first time. Spoilers ahoy!

Does this actual make the SPOILER Gravity-defining climb ridiculously easy? Was this intended?

One of the most useful keys in the game.

Plant · 7
Yes, it does. — Soul_Turtle · 405

I'd like to add a bit of relevant rule "Control of Attachment : If an investigator attaches a player card to an encounter card, he or she retains control of the attachment." (Location is an encounter card.) ...that gets overridden because Pitchfork explicitly said "lose control of Pitchfork". (It is also on Hatchet.)

Without this "lose control" effect, it would magically disappeared from the ground if you (the owner and also the controller) gets eliminated before someone grab it and take control.

Location attachments like Map the Area, Makeshift Trap, Breach the Door, ... you would be unable to left a legacy for your friends to continue working on it after you get defeated. But you can with Pitchfork.

That said, this is a fun multiplayer weapon that net you more damage than its setup cost by utilizing actions of other investigators taking turn after you (and their accuracy), as long as you successfully pass the baton by landing a successful hit. They would lose whatever hand assets they have, so this is viable for a flex with empty Flashlight looking to transition anyway, or 3 Mystic that is currently using Arcane.

The accuracy bonus is just +1 , I think it is important that the Pitchfork owner having commits ready to "teach" others how to farm. (Hank conveniently and thematically has 5 to farm without help, and should be able to keep commit cards for others.) It is very likely that you are still standing with someone trying out the fork after you. I imagine a huge in-class icons like Dauntless Spirit or Last Chance can be a good enabler to squeeze more 3 damages in one Investigation Phase. Suddenly, it might looks possible to deal about 3 damage in one round regardless of actual role of other investigators.

It gets messier if you are attacking an enemy engaged on other investigator and you would like them to continue the attack, they'd not be able to pick up without taking AoO, so you might need an another Engage to free them and end your turn. (And risk of getting skewered for 3 damage but that's part of the fun...)

5argon · 7194

In music, vamping means: fill time by doing the same basic thing. And because with fine clothes you can pass any of these tests, there’s a case for doing every one of these options… because some turns, you wanna pass a lot of tests!

The best combo here is with Gregory Gry. Put him into play (either as an action, then ending your turn with calling in favors, or with Hit and Run, to use him again later.) Use other cards to boost your tests. Rogues have dozens of over succeed tools. Bet money on succeeding, and earn a ton of pocket change as you evade, damage, undoom and earn a clue. Extra fun for Trish (who can turn the one clue into two), or anyone with dirty fighting, who can turn the evade into a free attack. It also stacks with the .25 pistols. In the most buckwild configuration, Chuck Fergus lets Trish play this fast. She gets eight net resources for hitting and running with Greg. Then get two clues from enemy. Then either removes a doom and evades it (shooting it three times with your 25s and dirty fighting, four times with haste…). For zero actions. Or with your bonus action if you’re the Countess.

Your teammates check their watches. You still have actions left.

MrGoldbee · 1384
Heh, give Trish Map The Area and a nice base of operations, and all 4 tests go down to 1. (Shame you can't map a place twice) — HanoverFist · 648