If you are playing Alessandra and wondering which enemies are the best targets for Beguile:

Pretty much the first non-elite enemy spawns on the map is the best one. However, there are still few things to consider:

  • I wouldn't put Beguile on an enemy like Wizard of the Order, you want to keep your target on the board as long as possible. Extra doom every turn isn't feasible.

  • An enemy with an evade value <= 2 is preferable, with Fine Clothes you can always use an action to "auto" evade itself (barring tentacles of course). Using this action once every turn can boost your engine considerably with Pickpocketing, and you'll drown in cards and resources if you put down two of them. You can make it even sillier with Lucky Cigarette Case.

  • Beguiled Hunters can be more beneficial than the stationary ones. If you can spare some health/sanity, you can tank an attack in the enemy phase to lure them to your location, then parley-investigate your location in the next turn (which can again, benefit from Fine Clothes). Therefore, enemies with single health or horror damage are more advantageous.

  • Aloof enemies usually want to be addressed, but an enemy like Whippoorwill can be used like any other hunter enemy. Just move out of the location yourself, then investigate to avoid -1 to skills penalty.

Aesyn · 232
Guys, I need help! If I use it to evade a Retaliated enemy, will the enemy launch an attack on investigator if the verification fails? — Lynfield · 1
Retaliate only triggers off failed fight actions, not evades, so no. However, an alert enemy will attack you if the evade test fails. — Eike · 1
Oh, sorry, not Retaliate, but Alert. I got it mixed up) In this case, will there be an enemy attack? — Lynfield · 1
Hank Samson

-This is an excerpt from my 'All for One' series of decks. If you'd like to see similar descriptions for other investigators, just search them up under my username.-

Some might think Hank a simple farmhand. I'm here to say he's anything but! First thing is his unprecedented 5 combat in a Survivor, a class with limited weaponry options that gains a lot from having a headstart in the fist department. His basic ability to take teammate damage is pretty unimpressive, until you factor in that Hank the tank actually gets a total whopping 10 health and sanity, which he can stretch even further since excess damage doesn't carry over to his bonded cards. Those bonded cards more than make up for his lacklustre starting ability; granting him even more impressive stats, aaand a much deserved reward for doing what he does best: taking a beating! While his Warden form is what you'll be wanting majority of the time to smash beasties better, you have some added flexibility with his Assistant card if you know there's not much fighting, or you need to soak up some extra horror.

Up until that point Hank reaches his "final form", his ability doesn't generate as much value as your average investigator, and you'll never be that excited to see his elder sign. The impact Hank has in the first half of a scenario is going to very much depend on what cards he's drawn, and with his limited cardpool, options for weapons are somewhat lacking when compared to other fighters. Another Hemlock investigator with a nasty weakness, Hank's search for Pa has potential to really sideline your gameplan. Burst damage or horror healing are welcome options to have on standby before you realize Pa's gone missin' again! Also, for some reason the designers decided to give big Hank a big ol' deck, so consistency is not his strong suit.

Some archetypes that work well for this template:

EzieBaikUben · 442
"Where's Pa?"

Wanted to make sure I got something right here, since this can be attached to an elite and non-elite enemies or enemies that cannot be defeated, Does this mean in those cases you are just out of luck and are doomed to take a horror damage for the rest of the game?

The first things that come to mind is Suspicious Orderly or the Hunting Horror. Is there anyone more common enemies that would be included? If so that'd really be rough since it seems the only way you can discard it is by killing the particular enemy. If you get it with the concealed cards in Scarlet Keys that's also really rough.

Edit: Another one comes to mind is Harbinger of Valusia, since when its set asside it keeps its attached damage, and possibly attached cards? In which case you'd keep the horror damage indefinitely.

Mercifully, "Where's Pa?" can only pull enemies out of the encounter deck, so the majority of Elite enemies aren't eligible targets (though tragically/hilariously, I think Nyarlathotep in Where the Gods Dwell is an exception). Also, since you "spawn" the enemy as opposed to drawing it, I don't think Concealment X or any Revelation effects would trigger. — NightgauntTaxiService · 344
The rules on attachments say they get discarded if the cards they're attached to leave play, so I think you're ok in the case of the hunting horror/harbinger since where's pa should just get discarded when they leave play. (I also don't think it's possible for the harbinger to get in the encounter deck...) — bee123 · 25
Agree with the others. And regarding the orderly: these will get replaced by other enemies, and if this happens, "Where's Pa?" will get discarded. Unless of course, if you resign earlier. — Susumu · 340
I was actually playing the end of dream quest last night and thought about Nyarlathotep interaction. In that case is probably a big boon. — Sean The Sheldon Gang Consigliere · 1
Charon's Obol

Are you the hunter or the prey? It's a tough world out there. Here's how to deal with it:

Even since the release of Mk 1 Grenades, in the harsh and distrustful world of Arkham Horror: The Competitive Card Game* this hidden gem still truly is the best PVP card in the game.

To get rid of annoying extras and side-kicks for good you will essentially only need a copy of Teamwork and wait for your nemesis' most vulnerable moment. (Note that you really want to be sure you can go all the way though - otherwise you have just gifted them 2 XP, and you don't want anyone but yourself to take the lead, do you?)

Of course, if your investigator already has access to Teamwork obvious finishers in your card pool might include "You handle this one!", Dynamite Blast, Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, and Mk 1 Grenades (for which you optimally pay for with their own money). Otherwise, sneak it in your deck being Versatile.

And who knows, maybe you will find something interesting in your clingy human resources on the Black Market or get to liquidate their courage. Don't want to let them have their insurances lingering around, remember?

If they still have realistic chances of surviving the mythos phase, be sure to break a promise you made with Geas at the end of your turn. If that doesn't work, a bonus round gifted by The Gold Pocket Watch might do the trick.

Pretend to Safeguard that nosy cluever who denied you your Lone Wolf resource (three times in a row!) before Kicking the Hornet's Nest, just to be Elusive, Think on Your Feet, or Ethereal Slip away, letting the baddies finish the job. In the rare case they will see your evil plot coming and maintain distance you can still gather the filth and fix positioning with a well-timed Warning Shot.

Oh, and don't forget to cash in with Decorated Skull afterwards if you get close enough to enjoy the show.

*Seriously, if you hate your friends, just play solo.

AlderSign · 209
I don't think, you can teamwork over a permanent, even if it is an item. Don't have hard evidence for that, but you are not even allowed to attach it to another asset, you control. (As stated in the FAQ under 1.14, giving as example, that you cannot attach Sin Eater to Elle Rubash.) We also know for a long time, that you can't teamwork signature assets over. Permanents are not the same, but they share with them, that they don't count towards deck size. I'm pretty sure, that the Rubash clause means, that they cannot even change position in play, because well, they are permanent on their place. — Susumu · 340
I'd be interested in any sources backing your claim, because so far I couldn't find any rule against it. The permanent does not leave play, it simply changes its controller. — AlderSign · 209
As I said, I don't have hard evidence. But what reason should it have, that you cannot attach a permanent to another card, even without changing control? It might be currently legit, but probably not in the spirit of the game, how it's supposed to work. And if anybody raises the question at FFG, it will likely get an additional paragraph in the next FAQ, just like they did with Rubash. — Susumu · 340