After a campaign with this in Winnifred I think the card can be a pretty nice addition to a Taboo'd Rogue deck in 3-4 player games assuming you're going to be doing evading with any amount of frequency. Extra actions with low cost are always worth considering, and in the right situation this can save you up to 3 for just the cost of committing a card to a test. While you don't get free reign on what those actions are spent on, move actions are fairly commonplace and if you have this card in your hand for a full scenario there's definitely going to be some situations where it'll do its baseline effect and save you one move action that you were going to spend after evading. In those situations I'd argue that this card is already pretty good. And there'll be some situations where it'll save you 2 or 3 actions, in which case this card is incredible.

Now the effect isn't universally great and there'll be some situations where it'll spend half the scenario sitting in your hand before you get value out of it. As such, I think this is a card I would generally not run more than 1 copy of because drawing 2 when you really don't need the effect can slow you down a bit. But if you're someone who expects to be testing Agility a lot and especially if you're playing with 3-4 players where being able to move to an ally's location has a lot of value, I think you should try running a copy.

Also just want to say that while Quick Thinking is going to generally be better than Nimble, it's one of the best Rouge cards in the game and you're only allowed to run 2 copies of each card. I think there's a lot of decks that are interested in a more situational Quick Thinking-type effect to run in addition to the two copies of Quick Thinking they already have.

Sylvee · 62
I had a nice situation recently, where I was adjacent to the guardian on one location and the wizard of the order on another one. I was able to evade an enemy on my location, succeded by three, and dragged the wizard to the guardian. Now this was very situational great. But in general, I think the possibility to move through enemies and take them somewhere else without AoO can occasionally add extra value to this card. In particular, if you have somebody in the group with cards like "Flamethrower" or "Storm of Spirits". — Susumu · 127
Use it in Mythos in TIC! — MrGoldbee · 1042
A common misconception is that this card only works on evades. It works on any agility test, even in the Mythos phase. I am a huge fan of Nimble. — StyxTBeuford · 12433
(And to be clear: There are cards, like Pilfer and Backstab, that let you test agility in other ways as well) — StyxTBeuford · 12433
This is one of the reasons I liked Sharpshooter in Wini when I played it -- it's really fun to exhaust Sharpshooter and commit Nimble (and probably another card) for (at least) +3 to a fight action then get some free moves immediately afterward. — Thatwasademo · 36
If you are Silas, Wendy, or Preston, or even Ashcan or Jenny, it also works on track show's agility test, which makes for sprinting across the whole map very quickly — NarkasisBroon · 1
Finn can do that as well — StyxTBeuford · 12433
Telescopic Sight

In case if you're wondering "Which firearms this can be used with?" — here's a link to handy list.

It's funny to think about Jenny's Twins or Joe's colts with a telescopic sight...

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Handguns with sighs are possible but signature can’t change player, so that’ll never happen — Django · 3486
It can certainly be made to happen with You Owe Me One! — suika · 7580
@ suika: the example in the RR is with Roland's gun and "Teamwork", but this certainly also aplies to "You Owe Me One!" An investigator cannot control another investigator's signature cards. — Susumu · 127
I see, Jenny of course could potentially "You Owe me the Telescopic Sight" on her gun. — Susumu · 127
@Susumu and so could Joe using Versatile to include “You Owe Me One!” — Death by Chocolate · 730

Spoilers for "The Circle Undone" campaign

Tony leaned against the Church door, breathing heavy. The wailing dead filled the air, pouring in and out of the fractured sky as reality itself buckled under the weight of the Silver Twilight Lodge's hubris.

"I am so tired," the bounty hunter whispered, feeling the culminated trauma of the last week's events spill over his body.

"Tony Morgan." Carl Sanford walked down the road, the unhallowed spirits parting from the old man's path. "I had such faith in you, lad. You could have been one of the greatest Knights in the Lodge's history. An exemplar in our moment of triumph! Instead, you are an ant..." he inhaled and reality flexed around him. "... where I have become a god."

Tony forced himself to his feet. "It was a pretty good plan, Carl. But you forgot one thing."

"And what is that?"

With the speed he had built his entire reputation around, Tony pulled Lupara from his coat. Sanford barely had time to register the weapon before she sang her violent song twice. The old man fell to the ground, screaming as he clutched at his bloody legs.

Tony blew smoke out of Lupara's twin barrels. "Gods don't have kneecaps."

10/10 would kill endgame boss in one turn again.

bluewax · 117
My favorite Sleight of Hand target. — StyxTBeuford · 12433

This is a solid little card for healing horror. Yes, it only heals one horror, it won’t have a big impact on the game, but healing one horror for only one card is very efficient. Not every card in your deck can be a powerful card that costs actions and resources, you need some cheap ones too. The one Will icon may not look like much, but the point of this card is that it does something that normally costs significant resources (healing), and does it with very little cost – few other cards are as efficient as spending 1 card, 0 actions, 0 resources, and 0 xp, per point of healing.

This is by no means a card you must include in your deck. It is simply a solid option to consider if you decide that your character needs a little bit of horror healing.

Usually you can hold off on using Fearless until you get a test where multiple chaos tokens would become successes with the +1, making the test likely to pass, and gaining a noticeable benefit from the skill icon on top of the horror healing.

ChristopherA · 49
I still think, the horror heal is too low impact in most investigators, that can take this card. Agnes sure likes it, maybe Carolyn and Zoey, due to her comparably low sanity. Though I think, there are better options for both of them. If the level 0 version would offer 2 willpower pips, it would sure see more play in my decks. The upgrade is much better, in particular once you have "Shrivelling" (5), but even that is somewhat outclassed by "Deny Existence" (5). I think, both versions of "Fearless" are fine cards, that frequently found play when the card pool was smaller, but have a harder time getting their deck space nowadays. — Susumu · 127
IMO this is an auto-include in any deck running 1 or 2 copies of Arcane Research, especially if Agnes is taking those. It's a great low-"cost" card (as ChristopherA explained) when you start a campaign with 2 Mental Trauma knowing that you're likely to pick up more. — DrMChristopher · 20

The usual mook from the early campaigns, Arkham Horror gets a lot of milage out of this enemy.

A few things;

  • If you draw them as an encounter and cannot place them in an empty location, you discard them!
  • If it is the witching hour (next turn agenda will advance) then you can ignore them, as the doom they add will be removed on advance.
  • These Cultists are never alone! So expect encounter cards that add doom to them or manipulate the board state around them. Games can very quickly spiral out of control if you leave them in play.

Don't let them trick you into ignoring them as they seem so simple to kill! Deal with them sooner rather than later - they have a habit of spawning all over the map in previously explored spots that take a whole turn to backtrack to (which feels terrible and stalls your game).

Also there is something about these guys that makes them a magnet for drawing Ancient Evils the next turn!

An absolute classic.

Antiundead · 18
Note that Acolyte can be spawned into the **unrevealed** location. I saw that some beginners missed that rule, so that they discarded only if all revealed locations are non-empty. — elkeinkrad · 111
An absolute classic. — Soul_Turtle · 1
I'm typically very happy to see these because they're easy to dispose of in 1 action, and in fact there are tons of options for disposing of them in 0 actions. And the fact that you often have control over where to place them is a great advantage. That said, there are scenarios that make these threatening, typically when combined with high Doom pressure, Ancient Evils, and a map design that causes them to spawn in hard-to-reach locations (e.g. Essex County Express). — CaiusDrewart · 2381
I both love and hate the Dark Cult encounter set. The set is well designed and super thematic, but can snowball in a hurry if you draw multiple from the set back to back. More than once I've let advancement eat the Doom token on Acolyte only to then draw Mysterious Chanting and dump 2 more Doom back on it. The Cultist Token from the chaos bag but be a kick in the head too when combined with cultists in play. In Midnight Masks for example: [Easy/Standard] -2. Place 1 Doom on the nearest Cultist enemy. [Hard/Expert] -2. Place 1 Doom on each Cultist enemy in play. Good (bad!) stuff — DrMChristopher · 20