Nine of Rods

I have been using this card more and more, but not as mentioned by the other comment, to dodge monsters, but rather to... attract them. A kind of On the Hunt (3).

Both William Yorick and Silas Marsh want to face enemies to take the best out of their Decks. In Yorick especially, the more enemies, the more shenanigans you can do and this card basically double the chances to find an enemy when needed, while also helping you not to get too overwhelmed at some point.

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Every Trial a fistfight. — MrGoldbee · 1220
Geared Up

There is now an official response on if this works with backpack.

It does.

'To answer your question(s):

We are planning to address “Geared Up” in future errata, which should help in clearing up any confusion about the way it interacts with other cards. “Geared Up” will then say: “Permanent. Limit 1 per deck. Purchase at deck creation.

Forced - When your first turn of the game begins: One at a time, play any number of Item assets from your hand, reducing the cost of each by 1. During this turn, you have 3 fewer actions to take.”

In this sense, “Geared Up” will work similarly to “Ever Vigilant”, and each card put into play with “Geared Up” will resolve fully before the next one is played.'

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That's awesome news, and a very welcome buff to Geared Up. Can you link the source? — snacc · 529
Source: d̶u̶d̶e̶ ̶j̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶t̶r̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶ Here's a screenshot of the email — snarfalarkus · 25
Fantastic news. Even though it changes nothing for me we got to know their intentions with this card. — Scythe · 1
Great news!!! As we said @Scythe!!! — condedooku · 2
Call for Backup

I think my favorite thing about this card is how it shows that all along, the REAL clues you were searching for were The Friends You Made Along The Way!

If I'm not mistaken (and I absolutely could be) I think I recognize Naomi, Peter, and Warren in there from Dunwich! (Not sure who the big fella with the staff is.)

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It also looks like a misfit group of Left 4 Dead survivors XD — 5argon · 1074
sorry to disappoint, but These für are Models after certain CoC LCG Players: — PowLee · 13
@PowLee That is maybe even cooler. — Death by Chocolate · 1105
Twist of Fate

I asked FFG what would happen if you drew a bless token. Here is what they said:

"Bless Tokens (and Curse Tokens, and Frost Tokens) only have value when they are revealed during a skill test—meaning, they don’t count as tokens with “any other number.” If they are revealed from the chaos bag while resolving “Twist of Fate”, nothing happens, because they do not correspond to one of the printed options."

So if you draw a bless, curse, or frost... this card does nothing.

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don't know how you would draw a frost token for a dunwich encounter but where there is a will there is a way! — Zerogrim · 236
I was wondering about that too, but I was just grateful to have an answer about the bless/curse tokens, as we use those a lot. — Achire · 211

The devious nature of this card cant be overstated.

-The "surge" effect is not applied to the revelation effect and is instead applied to the card itself. Therefore, Ward of Protection or radiance wool not cancel the surge.

-The encounter deck, unlike weaknesses, is not standardized. Most weaknesses will net you a loss of two actions. The encounter deck can range from mild inconveniences to game ending debuffs. This card insures you will draw 2, essentially guaranteeing at least 1 will be more detrimental than the standard loss of 2 actions

Not sure if this or doomed is worse.

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Nothing Like drawing a cultist plus mysterious chanting right BEFORE the mythos phase. — PowLee · 13
I thought Ward of Protection only cancelled the revelation effect, so Surge would still occur? — Narissya · 1
@Narissya That is correct and what the review is trying to say, but they misspelled 'would' in 'Word of Protection... would not cancel the surge.' — Death by Chocolate · 1105