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Розкриття - Введіть "Невгамовні Голоси" у гру в свою зону боротьби.

Ви не можете грати здобутки і події.

Примусово - Наприкінці раунду: Скиньте "Невгамовні Голоси".

Sam Kennedy
Базовий набір #165. Охоплені страхом #6-7.
Невгамовні Голоси

The card says you cannot play assets of events. The rulebook states that playing a card is to pay its resource cost and put the card into play, usually using a play action.

Thus, cards already in play are unaffected. You can also commit cards from hand to skill checks.

jimavet · 8
If I understand it correctly, this prevents you from playing Dark Memory as Agnes, so if you're unfortunate enough to draw it with DIssonant Voices in your threat area, you are forced to take 2 horror. — Jelonek · 1