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Загроза. Stage 2
Doom: 6. Clues: –
Once in a while a wind, sweeping up out of Cold Spring Glen, would bring a touch of ineffable foetor to the heavy night air... But the looked-for terror did not appear. Whatever was down there in the glen was biding its time, and Armitage told his colleagues it would be suicidal to try to attack it in the dark.
—H.P. Lovecraft, "The Dunwich Horror"

Forced - At the end of the enemy phase: Move each Brood of Yog-Sothoth enemy once toward a random location.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Undimensioned and Unseen #238. Undimensioned and Unseen #3.
Biding Its Time

No Place to Hide - Back


Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck. If there is a set-aside Brood of Yog-Sothoth, the lead investigator reads the following (out loud):

Bleak storm clouds churn overhead and a blanket of rain pelts the countryside. As the downpour grows in intensity, you take refuge in a half-ruined shack nearby. There is a flash of lightning, and in the brief illumination, you spot the outline of something large in the rain. Without warning, the distant trees bend, though nothing seems to be bending them. Moments later, a force with the strength of a truck crashes into your refuge.

Spawn 1 of the set-aside Brood of Yog-Sothoth enemies at the lead investigator's location, if able. Then, each investigator at that location tests (4). The newly spawned Brood of Yog-Sothoth makes an attack against each investigator who fails this skill test.

Biding Its Time
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • The Forced effect moves each Brood of Yog-Sothoth in play. If you have multiple Broods in play, after selecting a random location for the first brood, select another random location for the second and so on. It is possible that all Broods will try to move to the same place.

  • The Forced effect moves each Brood of Yog-Sothoth irrespective of if they were at the same location as an investigator or not, and irrespective of whether they are ready or exhausted.
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