Cost: 1. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play when an investigator at your location draws a non-weakness treachery card.

Cancel that card's revelation effect. Exile A Test of Will.

With or without hope, all you can do is resist.
Stanislav Dikolenko
The Unspeakable Oath #156.
A Test of Will

One of my favourite Spirit cards. Keep in mind that it doesn't let you cancel peril, surge, etc., but it lets you immediately cancel the when revealed ef- I mean, er, the revelation effect of a really nasty treachery at just the right time. It can, however, deal with surge that's part of a treachery's revelation, like False Lead.

It does nothing against cards that do not say revelation at all (like most enemies). Still, it's an amazing card. Grab this and hope you won't have to use it. For 1 exp, the extra security is totally worth it.

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