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Справа. Stage 3
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Bones rattle to the floor, dislodged by the shaking and crumbling of the caverns around you. The Stranger grabs a skull from within the flames in the center of the chamber and flees.

Forced - At the end of the round, if The Gate to Hell is in play: Discard the location that is farthest from The Gate to Hell. Move each investigator and enemy that was at that location to a connecting location and deal 2 damage to each of them.

Objective - If each undefeated investigator is at The Gate to Hell, advance.

Stéphane Gantiez
The Pallid Mask #245. The Pallid Mask #6.
The Way Out

The Catacombs Collapse - Back

The catacombs rumble and collapse behind you as you make your escape. You are able to follow the Stranger's shadow, tracing his steps to find your way through the labyrinthine passages. You cross the threshold of the catacombs entrance, a wave of rubble and bone chips following in your wake. The deafening noise of falling debris crashes behind you, and you turn to find the entrance blocked by a newly-formed wall of bone and rock. Just as you are ready to depart, a partially-charred skull bearing a strange diagram rolls to a stop at your feet. There is no sign of the Stranger anywhere.


The Way Out

Hello, if in the location that is discarded there was a "Poltergeist", does it also take the two points of damage? Or since the source of the damage is not a Spell, a Relic, or an Encounter card, would it not be affected?

Thank you.

Scherzo · 1
Act and agenda cards are included under encounter cards, so the damage would affect the poltergeist. — zrayak · 74
Okay, thanks for the clarification. — Scherzo · 1