Підступність. Слабкість



Limit 1 per investigator. Limit 1 per deck.


You are poisoned. (This has no game effect on its own. Other card effects may change or become stronger while you are poisoned.)

Rafał Hrynkiewicz
The Forgotten Age #102. Poison #3-6.


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One of the better cards in Forgotten Age. If you are going to be poisoned, this is the way to do it. Some good combos include:

Creeping Poison - Allowing you to deal testless damage to an investigator, then draw an additional encounter card. Snakescourge - Allows you to draw an additional encounter card.

You can also use this card to make autofails more likely, which is great for an Any% run.

This is not the best card if you are trying to win the campaign.

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Beautiful. We need more reviews like this — MiskatonicFrosh · 337
Is there a way to poison someone else? Cat burglar or stealth disengage a viper in their face? — Django · 4963
You handle this one to give your guardian Snake Bite — zrayak · 82