Загроза. Stage 1

Карти контактів
Doom: 3. Clues: –
Slowly and cautiously, you begin your descent into the red-litten caverns of Yoth. It is quiet, and only the crumbling of stone and your echoing footfalls can be heard in the tunnels surrounding you.
Helge C. Balzer
The Depths of Yoth #278. The Depths of Yoth #2.

City of the Damned - Back

The serpents' ruins are ancient, decrepit, and devoid of life. Nearly all of their structures have collapsed, but evidence of their great cities remains, along with statues and idols of their gods. This realm must have been abandoned long ago.

Find the enemy that is in pursuit with the highest evade value, and spawn it in the location where the investigators began at this depth level.

The Descent Begins
The Descent Begins


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