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The entrance to the Silver Twilight Lodge is guarded. You cannot enter the Lobby.

Lodge Gates gains: ": Parley. The guards recognize you from the Meiger estate and let you pass. Reveal the Lobby."

The front entrance to the Lodge’s manor is guarded by two men in trenchcoats, who nod to you as you approach.

We’ve Been Expecting You

Карти контактів


Shroud: 3. Clues: 0
The guards step aside and allow you to enter the lobby. "Mr. Sanford has been expecting you," one of them says cryptically. The interior of the mansion is clean and well-kept, as you would expect from Arkham's most prestigious social club. Plaques, pictures, and other trinkets adorn the wooden walls, hinting at the Lodge's long and storied history.
Robert Laskey
For the Greater Good #206. For the Greater Good #10.

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