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The door to the catacombs is locked. You cannot enter the Lodge Catacombs unless you control at least 1 (///) key.

A windowless steel door blocks your way into paths unknown. You get the feeling this basement is much larger than it appears.


Lodge. Sanctum.

Карти контактів
Shroud: 4. Clues: 0

Forced - When Lodge Catacombs is revealed: Put the set-aside Inner Sanctum and each of the set-aside Sanctum Doorway locations into play.

Beyond the steel door, torchlit stone halls lead deeper underground. Compared to the polished wood upstairs, this area feels grimy and unclean. What the hell is this place?
Greg Bobrowski
For the Greater Good #213. For the Greater Good #17.
Lodge Catacombs
Lodge Catacombs


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