Trick. Upgrade. Illicit.

Cost: 0.


Fast. Play when you successfully evade a Humanoid enemy or successfully investigate.

Play an Item asset from your hand, reducing its cost by X, where X is the amount you succeeded by. Attach "I'll take that!" to that asset. Attached asset gains Illicit.

Aleksander Karcz
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #67.
"I'll take that!"


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Normally rogue succeed by cards at level zero have a limit: succeed by two get a card from the cigarette case, keep your lockpicks, or do extra damage with one-handed weapons.

This card, by contrast, is an economic buffet. Compared to the standard emergency cash one action and one card for three dollars, this is zero actions for one action and many dollars saved.

The caveats are major: in a campaign without many humanoids, this is less effective, and if you can’t investigate well, it’s not a good pick. BUT: —Almost every rogue who can this can take lockpicks(1), and succeed by ridiculous amounts. — “I’ll take that” doesn’t require a standard evade, so even Sefina could use a magic spell to combine her willpower and agility.

Obviously, Rita loves this to get out a sledgehammer, old key ring, or catalog to help the team.

One unforeseen drawback is people confusing this card with “you owe me one”, which my group calls “let me see that.”

MrGoldbee · 1413
0 cost, fast, play an asset at no discount is the worst this card can be, and that' still pretty good. — Zerogrim · 287
It also gives the Illicit trait, which seems uninteresting ... unless you discover the Hidden pocket card. Hidden pocket gives an additionnal accessory slot for an Illicit card when attached to the Jacket vest and "I'll take that!" allows you play to Decorated skull (3) and give it the Illicit trait. So you now can have Decorated skull (3) AND Lucky cigarette case (3) without Relic hunter. — AlexP · 244
Or the Crystalizer. — MrGoldbee · 1413
Can I use this after evading to play level 2 .25 automatic and then use it to attack the evade enemy for free? I think so because this is a "when" and .25 is an after, but not sure — hun · 1
Something to consider. Play "I'll Take That" to play a Backpack, which then attaches to backpack along with three Item or Supply cards. Now that it's attached to backpack, you can play it again using Backpack's text "Cards attached to Backpack can be played as if they were in your hand". Double the usefulness of "I'll Take That" with this one fun trick! — Jackster · 16
... I can't believe it but that actually does look like it works. — HanoverFist · 685
@Jackster Hahaha I can't see any reason why that doesn't work. Definitely not how Backpack was intended to work but it seems to check out. — snacc · 969
Does playing the Crystalizer of Dreams with this card make it skip the "paying its cost" so the Crystalizer would come in without the guardian? — techoatmeal · 15
This card reduces the cost of playing a card, it does not skip the "paying its cost" — Fiozzy · 1
Does the attached item keep the Illicit trait after being discarded? It would be useful for Finn's card Smuggled Goods — Alysso_Rooder · 1
Nope, they're no longer attached. — MrGoldbee · 1413
@JacksterQ: If you use "I'll take that!", it ends up attached to Backpack. Can you then play "I'll take that!" off of the Backpack by virtue of Backpack's play rule? A: The ability on Backpack is only intended to apply to cards attached to it via its ability. Please treat Backpack as if it said “Cards attached facedown to Backpack may be played as if they were in your hand.” (September 2023) — tasman · 1