Veda Whitsley
Skilled Botanist

Здобуток. Ally

Ally. Wayfarer.

Cost: 1.
Test Icons:
Health: 3. Sanity: 3.

Exhaust Veda Whitsley: Look at the top card of the exploration deck or encounter deck. If it is an enemy, you may deal 1 damage to Veda Whitsley to discard it. If it is a treachery, you may deal 1 horror to Veda Whitsley to discard it. Otherwise, return it to the top of its deck.

Aleksander Karcz
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Veda Whitsley

Got this as a chance encounter as Yorick in RttFA. Well, what a fortouitous team mate for William; Veda has everything Yorick needs in a soak ally.

She is super super cheap at 1 resource for 3/3 soak! What value! If you compare Veda to the classic combo pair of 0 cost Leather Coat at 2/0 soak or Keepsake at 0/2 for Yorick as soak, Veda costs 1 resource more, BUT is 3/3. If she lasts 1 round she's already earned her upkeep. Also it feels great to have both sanity and health in one asset, versus 2 seperate item assets. There are many times where you end up tanking a hit as Yorick and burn through both your Coat and Keepsake before killing an enemy, but can only put one of those two assets back into play for a free action. Veda is more soak in 1 single card, for the cost of 1 resource.

But she gets better; Both her abilities are great for everyone, but for Yorick as a fighter it can help him setup his encounter to be an enemy and avoid nasties. It also helps your weak seeker get through the damn exploration deck safer without drawing an enemy.

Obviously you have to complete the related "story thing" in scenario 3 of RttFA, but if you do as Yorick, prepare for some good times!

Antiundead · 20
I think Tommy and Gloria are also good partner for they. — elkeinkrad · 389
Oh my god! I didn't know this card before, but it seems more broken than Lita! Would never want Yorick to be the lead investigator with this card. Because with "Well Prepared" and this card, he just laughts at the encounter deck. Better use the discards to protect somebody else! — Susumu · 234
It's a very strong card, but you do have to go through quite a lot to get her. I always slam her down the second I draw her and use her encounter ability quite liberally. She doesn't stay out long! — Pinchers · 103
Honestly this card is amazing for anyone who can get it. Of course Yorick and Survivors in general will be able to make the most use of her. Normal survivors can tutor her out with Flare and get her back into play repeatedly with A Chance Encounter. Well worth focusing hard on the story thing to get her, no matter who you are. — Jack · 44
#1 Priority for Return to Threads of Fate, I think. — Zinjanthropus · 211