Здобуток. Accessory

Item. Charm.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.


You have 1 additional tarot slot.

Each non-weakness Tarot asset in your hand or committed to a skill test gains .

When the game begins, if Moon Pendant is in your opening hand: Put it into play.

Drazenka Kimpel
Return to the Circle Undone #12.
Moon Pendant


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This card doesn't say its effects only applies to YOUR tarot cards, just that the hand portion only applies to your hand. While players without a Moon Pendant wouldn't be able to commit Tarots from their hand (as they would have no icons while in their hand), every player would get the benefit of each other's Moon Pendants while a Tarot card is committed. In a 4 player game you could have everyone run a copy, and with all 4 out, every Tarot card would have 8 wild icons. Or, using Relic Hunter, if each player has two Moon Pendants, each Tarot card would have a whopping 16 wild icons. Which seems....pretty good.

I doubt this is intended, and you'd need multiple packs without using proxies, but if you wanted a fun cheesy multiplayer buildaround, this could be it!

Neofalcon · 15
Check out "You/ Your" in the RR. This effect falls into: — Susumu · 351
(forgot again: you shall not <Enter> in these comments) Any other instance of "you/your" that does not fall into the above categories refers to the investigator who controls the card, the investigator who has the card in his/her threat area, or who is currently interacting with the card. --> Only the symbols from the card controlled by you are applied. — Susumu · 351
This section of the FAQ does not apply to cards committed to skill tests, as there is no "You/Your" for that part - only for cards in your hand. The only "your" is applying to cards in your hand, which is what I was pointing out with my original comment. "Each non-weakness Tarot asset committed to a skil test gains ??" is a global effect. — Neofalcon · 15
"Moon Pendant" is a card you control, and therefore only you can use it. Even "Shortcut" (2) was erratat, because RAW only the investigator who controls the card could use it while attached to a location. — Susumu · 351
If I remember correctly, the limit of having the ?s on tarots in your hand effectively prevents anybody else from using it anyway, as you can't commit a card unless it has relevant pips to begin with. In fact, I'm wagering the main reason for "in your hand" is to make it possible to commit tarots in the first place? — HanoverFist · 690
Reading as written, the you/your portion applies to adding “??” To tarot cards in your hand; while the adding “??” to committed tarrot cards applies to any Tarrot cards committed. So if all (4) investigators had this item, committed tarot cards would gain “????????” while committed. As for the Shortcut Eratta, the rules normally prevent you from activating/exhausting items controlled by other investigators except for cards in their Threat Zone; so to allow other played to exhaust shortcut it needed an eratta/clarification. In this case, the other investigators are not “using” the pendant, the pendant is passively applying “??” to tarot cards committed to tests. — darkernectron · 8

This card looks interesting. Gives you the ability to have 2 tarot cards in play while also mitigating some of the drawback of taking 2x tarot cards for consistency. Who actually wants this is another question, and it's hard to know until we've seen the full cycle of L3 tarot cards. Off hand, Sefina comes to mind, as I had decent success playing 4x tarot with her and 2x Anna Kaslow. Perhaps also Calvin, as the tarot is already an auto-include, and this could effectively give him an additional +1 to all stats at a lower cost than Anna.

Zinjanthropus · 225
How about a janky Lola deck 2 x Moon Pendant, Relic Hunter, all the Tarots as ????. It's neutral as well so doesn't get destroyed by her weakness. — EnglishLord · 1
Yeah, the idea of 2x Moon Pendant to get a bunch of ???? cards is definitely intriguing. +4 goes a long way. Lola would probably be the ideal taker. — Zinjanthropus · 225
And for Patrice ! Ina Patrice deck my thought is "each card in my deck must be usable whatever I have to do during the round". With the Moon pendant all the Tarot cards I can't play at the moment become copies of Unexpected courage to have even more wild skill icons to commit to whichever test I have to make. — AlexP · 245
Patrice already has Cornered to pitch a useless Tarot to, but this definitely doesn't hurt — supertoasty · 37