Здобуток. Body

Item. Armor.

Cost: 0. XP: 1.

Health: 4. Sanity: –.

Forced - When Leather Coat is defeated by damage: Exile it.

The coat was not the most fashionable choice, but it did feel warm and reassuring in its bulk.
Andreia Ugrai
Stella Clark #21.
Leather Coat


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This card seems like a good value for most survivor investigators, because if you really need the 4 damage can rebuy it with all the experience you havent spent. This card is terrible in tommy muldoon. You dont trigger his ability, and he needs his experience. Survivors with extra experience, yes tommy, no.

really good with scavenging/yorick where you can absorb 3 damage and then overwrite it, with that final point being for extra security. — Zerogrim · 286