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loglady · 14

Note: See upgrades for 19 / 9 / 0 XP versions of the deck. I don't own TSK, so these cards have not been considered for the deck.


This deck tries to maximize the number of investigate actions Amanda can take during one of her power turns with a combination of Eon Chart (1) and (4) that are kept online passively via Enraptured or actively via Truth from Fiction. In an ideal turn, Amanda can take up to 5 investigate actions spread across at least two different locations this way.

In the Thick of It allows the deck to start with a functional core, making this a very strong level 0 deck.

Cards of interest

Eon Chart (1) + Relic Hunter: It has been semi-confirmed that (4) should read two different actions which makes the card a bit more situational. Running (1) alongside it nets us a bit more flexibility while saving some XP points.

Whitton Greene: Tutors our core cards and boosts our two most relevant stats.

Shortcut: One more enabler for Deduction power turns.

Truth from Fiction: While this is not a cheap card (action, card, resource), it's a worthy inclusion as free actions taken via secrets usually extend our power turns. Never a dead card given its icons.

Enraptured: Decent secret generation when investigating a low shroud location, especially when both charts are in play.

Promise of Power: Get out of jail card for the mythos phase, situational target for Practice Makes Perfect.

Unrelenting: Flexible skill to either work around nasty tokens or act as an additional draw engine.

Flex spots

Burning the Midnight Oil: replaces Crack the Case if you prefer a proactive economy option.

Promise of Power / Eureka! / Unexpected Courage: Can be swapped for e.g. Momentum.

Dream-Enhancing Serum: Strong in theory, often lacked time or resources to play this in practice.