Здобуток. Arcane


Cost: 4. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 charges).

Spend 1 charge: Investigate. Investigate using instead of . You get +2 for this test. If you succeed you discover 1 additional clue at this location. If a , , , , or symbol is revealed during this test, after this test resolves lose all remaining actions and immediately end your turn.

Romana Kendelic
Revised Core Set #189.
Rite of Seeking

A note that the Rite of Seeking in the revised core set is Rite of Seeking(2) not Rite of Seeking. Other than that, kudos for giving mystics an investigation option right out of the revised core set.

Therebrae · 21
Man, I just barely remember playing mystic back when they were basically "bad guardian." They've come a long, weird way. — SGPrometheus · 636
Agnes was probably still a "much better guardian than Skids" out of the original core box. — Susumu · 211