Trick. Spirit.

Cost: 0.


Play only if there is a scenario card with a 'resign' ability in play.

Resign. You get the hell out of here.

Quitters may never win, but they also rarely die.
Caravan Studio
Експрес округу Есекс #151.
"I'm outta here!"


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A small joke about this: the "Spirit" trait is translated to the word meaning "bravery" in Chinese localization. While it works fine on other cards, it is quite funny when you look at this one. To get out of shit do require some trick, but that comes nowhere near bravery (Well, I guess you can say that it takes a brave man to acknowledge his own powerlessness, maybe?)

: Resign. Heavy spoiler incoming, get outta here before it's too late.

Jokes aside, let's take a look at how many scenarios in each campaign have an escape option, and which ones are good for this. I will categorize every resign option into one of the 4 groups:

  • Objective, where you win the scenario by resigning;
  • Panic button, where you are required to do things and then resign, but if things go south you can always just say "I'm outta here!";
  • Failsafe, where you technically can resign but gives a bad outcome (at least you are not dying from Obol);
  • Non-option, where resign must NOT be used.

As of now I only completed NotZ, Carcosa, Innsmouth and EotE, so ratings for the other 5 campaign are only theoratical. Comments welcomed.

Night of the Zeal: 2/3. Conclusion: Hardly worth the deck space

The Dunwich Legacy: 6/8. Conclusion: Don't take it until you get to the finale; but in the finale, it's well worth a slot (and 1 XP, if you don't have Adaptable)

The Path to Carcosa: 4/8. Conclusion: take at deck creation, drop after finishing Oath

  • Curtain Call: Objective, only available in act 3; do note that you can't get out until the stranger is dealt with, because until then the lobby doesn't have ": Resign" (note the difference in wording compare to No Asylum)
  • The Last King: Panic button
  • Echoes of the Past: Failsafe
  • The Unspeakable Oath: Objective, only available in act 4; extra points for circumventing the "no ready enemy" restriction and for a relatively big map

The Forgotten Age: 4/9. Conclusion: take at deck creation, keep it at least until finishing Eztli, drop no later after Elders Part 1

The Circle Undone: 5/8. Conclusion: take at deck creation, keep it at least until finishing Doorstep

The Dream-Eaters: 3/8 (1/4 for Campaign A, 2/4 for Campaign B). Conclusion: take only if you have slots to spare, and drop as soon as you need one

The Innsmouth Conspiracy: 6/8. Conclusion: some situational use in the 1st, 3rd and 6th scenario, swap in with Adaptable if needed

  • The Pit of Despair: Objective, only available after finding the place; extra points for circumventing the "controls the green key" restriction and for a relatively big map
  • The Vanishing of Elina Harper: Failsafe
  • In Too Deep: Objective, only available after someone reach the station; extra points in multiplayer for the option to split up in a huge and annoying map
  • Devil Reef: Failsafe, extra points for circumventing the "in the Fishing Vessel" restriction
  • A Light in the Fog: Panic button, extra points for circumventing the "If The Moon Room is unflooded" restriction (I would argue that Diving Suit is not essential in the finale)
  • The Lair of Dagon: Failsafe

Edge of the Earth: 5/10 (or 3/5 if you go the shortest run). Conclusion: take at deck creation, drop whenever you need the slot after finishing 1-1

The Scarlet Key: 7/10. Conlusion: get one (buy or swap) before 56-Y if you have trouble with a or (4) test; otherwise, it hardly worth the deck space

Side Stories: 4/9. Conclusion: good to have for Casino Heist

Parallel: 4/5. Conclusion: a good idea to have one if the team decides to go any of the parallel except Baker's; a VERY good idea for O'Toole and Wendy Adams to bring one into their own parallel

  • Read or Die: Panic button for everyone else; Failsafe for Daisy (or Non-option if you can't bear the advanced weakness)
  • All or Nothing: in act 1, Panic button for everyone else; Failsafe for O'Toole (or Non-option if you can't bear the advanced weakness); In act 2, Objective
  • By the Book: Panic button; Roland gets the upgrade as long as Grey is dead but he isn't, so you can resign the minute Grey is gone if you can afford the entry fee
  • Red Tide Rising: Panic button; Wendy Adams gets R1 as long as she doesn't die, so you can even resign right at the begining if you can afford the entry fee

Final conclusion:

  • If you are not taking Obol, most of the time this is just a worse Manual Dexterity, with some situational shine
  • With Obol (and ideally in multiplayer), it's a good failsafe that well worth a slot considering the consequnce for dying
  • If your investigator have an annoying weakness that spawns way out of reach, this can be include as a solution
  • Save for one exception, it's always a good idea to swap this to at least a Manual Dexterity in the finale
ethereal64 · 261
Amazing review and fun write up, thanks a lot! — Valentin1331 · 56550
I don't get, what's the point of a "Fail Safe" in a scenario, where there is an unconditional Resign option on the act or agenda, like in "Midnight Masks" or "Threads of Fate"? In "Where Doom Awaits", it's only a Non-Option in solo. As long, as another investigator can finish the scenario, the rogue who is about to pay the obol might still consider getting outta there. — Susumu · 338
Ah: I get it now: making it fast with Chuck might give you the one extra action needed to achieve something extra before dooming out! — Susumu · 338
In "To the Forbidden Peaks" it's the objective, not a Failsafe. Of course, you first need somebody else to get to the top. — Susumu · 338
@Susumu The Objective for “To the Forbidden Peak” is “resign at peak, along with the supplies”, rather than simply resign. Resign early in solo means you get R2, that’s at most 7 xp lost and at least 1 more frost in the bag later; in multiplayer, it means your teammate need to spend extra actions (and probably suffer more negative effect) to carry your share of supply to the top. Thus I ruled resigning early in this scenario a Failsafe, because you should try your best not to. — ethereal64 · 261
Well I think, it's a matter of circumstances. You are right, that you can't get outta there with supplies, and that's a big downside. However, playing this card would not trigger R2. The objective is: "If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance." It does not say, it has to be on the mountain. It could also be used for a "win more" outcome. Say, the other investigators picked up all the supplies, the rogue climbs down the mountain again to a location at level 0 or 1, where a treachery has dropped down a clue, picks up the clue, moves up one location to get rid of it again, then resigns, this would net an additional XP, or even more, depending on how many locations have been invalidated for XP. — Susumu · 338
I double-checked The Depths of Yoth, the Secret Name and Dealings in the Dark and I'm confident there's no card with a resign ability in any of those three fwiw. So I think, with a second pair of eyes , you can be reasonably sure the card's effect can't be used in those scenarios. And as a side note, I think there's also no option to resign in Guardians of the Abyss Part 2.. — bee123 · 25
"To get out of shit do require some trick" I love it — best clause I've read all week. It might sound like I'm being ironic, but I'm not. And also thanks for the high-effort and useful review or whatever... — Spritz · 67

Admittedly, I have not used this card in a deck yet.

If I were planning on using Charon's Obol, I might plan to use "I'm outta here!" more, since surviving a scenario without being defeated is that much more important in that case. However, I'm not sure how often I'd use it outside of that.

For investigators who can take it, I think that Elusive is the better alternative. Resign effects are normally printed on either Act cards or Location cards. If the Resign option is on the Act card, then there's no reason to use "I'm outta here!", since you could just use the Act's action normally. If the Resign option is on a Location card, you can use Elusive to get there (since it has the Fast keyword) and then resign. Elusive does cost 2 more resources, but it gives you a lot more flexibility in how you can use it. I think it is probably the better pick in most cases.

The two icons are situationally useful. If you're going to use card for 2 icons, though, you're probably better off just using Manual Dexterity for the card draw.

(Spoilers for the Carcosa cycle)

An interesting rules query for this Path to Carcosa Act card - would this card work for the card's Resign action regardless of the location of monsters and clues? My gut instinct is "yes" because the ability is "in play" - it exists constantly but is only useable under certain conditions. If that's true, then that would be the dream use for a card like this one.

(End Spoilers for the Carcosa cycle)

Ultimately, I think "I'm outta here!" is situational, and Elusive is able to cover those situations on its own (as well as quite a few more). For investigators like Rita Young that have access to "I'm outta here!" but not Elusive, it might be worth considering for those edge cases, but even then I would say there are probably cards that would be more regularly useful than this one.

Why wouldn’t it work for the act in question? The ability itself is both in play and a resign ability, thus “I’m Outta Here!” can be played and has its own Resign ability. The same applies to a time least one other Resign ability in TDL (although the condition is a bit less of an impediment). — Death by Chocolate · 1369
It can be clutch if you know the scenario and you have adaptable. There are a few scenarios that this let's you rock walk to safety from anywhere without worrying about the nuance of elusive. Generally Elusive is just better though. — Myriad · 1202

Spoilers for The Dunwich Legacy:





..... In the last scenario Lost in time and space to get best ending you have to resign so you have to spend 2 clues. But not with this card. You not only resign from anywhere but you don't have to spend the 2 clues, which is awesome if you are some kind of fighter.

vidinufi · 64
It is the same with the second scenario in the deluxe expansion of Forgotten Age. If you have play it, you will understand ;) I haven't got the opportunity to test this card yet, but I think that if you know a scenario well, it can help you A LOT! — Sotosprotos · 86
This card is a great candidate for adaptable, if you know which scenarios it's useful in. Adaptable basically allows you to avoid the whole, "in some scenarios, it's just worse manual dexterity" problem — SGPrometheus · 758

I love this card.

At first I figured I would just play it for the boots. But then, while playing a game, swarmed by monsters, some with really high agility, I was like, "man! I am screwed!"

And then, as if by fate and chance, I discover a Resign card on the board. The very goal to the game. And then you realize just how amazing this card is in a pinch. It costs nothing and you don't have to pull a coin. You just get out! That's an alive and fine investigator.

Wanna do some last minute clean-up, take an extra risk? This card let's you do that. You can spend your turn trying to milk XP or just try crazy stuff, and then get outta dodge.

10/10. Love this card. I would run 1 and just hope I can draw it when the situation calls for it.

I agree it's a good card, but I think the trouble is the competition for cards that fill similar roles. Manual Dexterity is the first obvious choice since that gives you the same double boots, however, that one will net you a card to replace it. But if you have decent card draw, a resign option is comparably equal in terms of usefulness. The other option is to take Elusive which is a 1 boot and 1 book so not as good icon-wise, however, for 2 resources, you could simply warp to the resign location (for fast) which is probably better since Rogue's aren't usually poor. It's a preference thing though at the end of the day. — LaRoix · 1634
It's an absolutely perfect card for Adaptable, you can certainly say that for it. There's a huge amount of variation across scenarios in how important resigning quickly is, and Adaptable lets you use in scenarios where it's a big deal and take it out for ones where it isn't. It does do two things elusive doesn't FWIW- it lets you resign where the resignation spot has enemies and it lets you resign via resignation abilities that aren't on locations. So, (vague-to-avoid-spoilers) , it can get round some limitations and conditions on resignation that elusive can't. Sooo, I think it is one of the most situational cards in the game, but within its niche, it's pretty powerful.. — bee123 · 25

Initially this card seems kind of useless. Honestly I can't really comment on its applicability to your typical investigator but I do know of two investigators who can benefit a lot from it.

Zoey and Jenny can both get really screwed by their weaknesses if they drop in the last few rounds of the game. Zoey can get caught traveling all the way across the map in order to kill some jerk monsters and Jenny searching for Izzie in far off lands. This can be especially problematic in large maps or ones flush with monsters. If you only have a couple turns left in the campaign before the final Agenda procs you may not have that many actions to spare, and especially for these weaknesses they are on-par with being defeated anyway (which is significantly worse than any other investigators weakness penalty). In this method you can almost halve the number of actions required to fulfill these without screwing over your win condition.

It's not a perfect fix, but I'd consider a 1-of for these investigators to help them out alongside action-investments like Police badge or action-compression items like Cat Burgler.

Difrakt · 1268
I don't follow how this card helps wit the problem. Resigning is the same as being defeated for the purpose of those weaknesses, isn't it? So you don't avoid the penalty by resigning. — nierensieb · 1
Yes, this was clarified in a recent errata. This card does not save you from your weakness. It's main use in the current set is being able to resign without being in the VIP area of The House Always Wins. — FBones · 18065
If this card was "fast", it would save 1 action in many scenarios, but i'm not sure if that's enough to make it worthwile. — Django · 4885
He said that it halves the number of actions necessary to fix those weaknesses, not gets rid of them completely. IE you only have to go halfway across the map to deal with the weakness, you don't have to come BACK to resign. — Ebrey · 214
I'm currently replacing manual dexterity with these, trading the card draw with the occasional utility. — bigstupidgrin · 82
You don't avoid the penalty by resigning, but this card can help you resign *before* you draw one of those weaknesses. — Signum · 14

As some people mentioned, this card is a good replacement for Manual Dexterity. Same number of icons. It's worth remembering that Resigning does not provoke attacks of opportunities. If you are engaged with ennemies, have low health/sanity and are about to die, you can play this card even if you have no resources left to avoid getting a Physical or Mental trauma. That said, will not work with all scenarios. Would be interesting to see stats per campaign.

Ezhaeu · 47
I actually did some homework about that, and you can basically do all Dunwich light speed with Abandon abilities, except for Essex County Express (and maybe another scenario). I still have to build a whole deck around it. You could decide to maximize its use and grab all the victory points you can before getting the hell out of here. — banania · 398
This card, which is worth noting, has 'you get the hell out of here' as a rules text. Never have I ever seen a card game using such accurately worded rulings. — H0tl1ne · 81
This card could use an alternate name: " I AM GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!" — Andronikus · 1