Talent. Science.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.


Uses (4 supplies). If First Aid has no supplies, discard it.

Spend 1 supply: Heal 1 damage and 1 horror from an investigator or Ally asset in your location.

Sara Biddle
The Pallid Mask #230.
First Aid


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I am no fan of the level 0 First Aid. It's one of the least efficient cards in the game.

With that said, I could see this upgraded version having a place in a Mark Harrigan deck, especially one that is running two copies apiece of Ever Vigilant and the upgraded Beat Cop. Ever Vigilant makes First Aid reasonably cheap, if you draw both of them, and if you're healing the Beat Cop, the action cost is easily worth it. Plus, you can solve Mark's horror problem at the same time. And in multiplayer games Mark sometimes finds himself with a little downtime, so to speak, when there aren't any monsters on the board and the rest of the group is just trying to get clues. This is a nice use of that time. It also looks a lot better if Mark has already taken some trauma, of either variety.

I wouldn't rush out and buy this first thing. I think you need to buy Ever Vigilant and Beat Cop first for this to start looking good, and I would probably grab the supremely efficient Stand Together and "I've had worse…" first, not to mention an XP weapon or two. But as a late-campaign purchase once you have the appropriate infrastructure around it, I kind of dig it.

CaiusDrewart · 3030

Does your group have their act together as Mark Harrigan? Find yourself with an occasional action and not sure what to do with it? Well, this card is probably the way to go.

The sad part? Where will you find the XP? For 1 more XP you could play the mighty "I've Had Worse", which allows you to dodge damage AND gain cash for FREE.

But lets say for arguments sake you want to play an asset heavy build and you have allies that can potentially benefit. Or you have XP coming out of your eyeballs.

Mark Harrigan definitely likes this ability and it is pretty close to playable. If it didn't take an action or you had someway of using it once a turn for free it would be far better.

Still, it might be worth trying out if your group is ally heavy.

Just don't skip out on the best stuff for this. This card is a second or third tier pick at best.

Myriad · 1202
Or you are Yorick and have no monsters to fight. Concieveably with enough time you can just keep everything and everyone at full at all times. — CecilAlucardX · 10
...except that Yorick can only use Guardian cards up to level 2, and this is level 3. It might shine in a Carolyn deck, however. — SGPrometheus · 761

Trivia : If you bought The Path to Carcosa Investigator Expansion, it has the Revised Core Set art instead of this original art. (Though The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion gives Deduction (2) of the original art instead of the Daisy one.)

5argon · 8128