Загроза. Stage 2

Карти контактів
Doom: 10. Clues: –
The Lodge will resort to drastic measures in order to achieve their goals. If you don’t act quickly, blood will surely be shed.

Each Silver Twilight enemy in a Sanctum location loses aloof.

Forced - When you defeat a Silver Twilight enemy: You leave behind some evidence of the scuffle. Move 1 doom from each enemy at that location to the current agenda.

Lenka Šimečková
For the Greater Good #199. For the Greater Good #3.

The Greater Good - Back


Revelation - Replace the act and agenda decks with The Greater Good. Spawn the set-aside Summoned Beast at the Puzzle Box's location (or any Sanctum location if the Puzzle Box is not in play) and remove the Puzzle Box from the game.

Ends and Means
Ends and Means


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: When the back of agenda 2 takes the place of both act and agenda decks, should I still place a doom each turn? A: Yes, you should still place 1 doom on “The Greater Good” each round. When you replace the current act and agenda with The Greater Good, it becomes both the current act and the current agenda and counts as both. (In other words, the line “this card is both the current act and the current agenda” was technically superfluous in The Devourer Below, but we kept it in order to clarify how it works; here we left it off because there was no room, but it technically works the same way.) Hope that helps!
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