Справа. Stage 1

Карти контактів
Clues: 3.
You have arrived at the Lodge’s manor in French Hill to see if they can help you piece together the evidence you’ve collected. Perhaps you can even speak with the president of the Lodge again. But as you approach the manor, you begin to wonder if this was a test of your loyalty all along.
A.M. Sartor
For the Greater Good #200. For the Greater Good #4.

The Initiation - Back

"Ah, it's you." You are approached by a member of the Lodge whom you recognize: one of Carl Sanford's bodyguards from your previous meeting with the president. "I regret to inform you that Mr. Sanford and the other members of the Lodge are busy with an important task at the moment. I would suggest you come back at a later time." You tell the man that your task is important, and offer to help in return for a meeting with Mr. Sanford. He considers you for a moment, then nods. "All right. We are attempting to open a device which we believe will help us bind the revenant you encountered earlier. You'll want to speak with Nathan Wick if you want to help. You can find him in the library upstairs." You thank him and turn to leave, but he grabs your arm and stops you, adding one final warning: "You should know that we intend to open this device at any cost. If you cannot stomach the consequences, once again, I suggest you leave."

If the Library is not in play, put it into play.

Spawn the set-aside Nathan Wick enemy in the Library, (Master of Initiation) side faceup. Attach the set-aside Puzzle Box story asset to him.

Warm Welcome
Warm Welcome


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