Здобуток. Hand

Item. Tool.

Cost: 5. XP: 4.


Uses (3 supplies).

Exhaust Fingerprint Kit and spend 1 supply: Investigate. You get +2 for this investigation. If you succeed, you discover 2 additional clues at your location.

Quintin Gleim
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #57.
Fingerprint Kit


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This is Rite of Seeking (4) for seekers. Cost the same, same uses, same bonus.

No downsides for pulling special tokens
No item synergy

Exhausts on use
No spell synergy
Only gets 2 extra clues if succeed by 2

Uses hands instead of arcane

Should be worse than rite of seeking in most cases.

Thanks to replies for correcting/pointing out simple things I missed!

fates · 49
its doesn't need a succeed by 2 to get the two clues. — Zerogrim · 287
Since no current investigator can take both Fingerprint Kit 4 and Rite of Seeking 4 I'm not sure that there's a meaningful way to declare one better than the other. . Also, surely if 'no spell synergy' is a con then 'Item synergy' should be a pro. Can be searched for with Backpack, paid for with Schofner's Catalogue, etc. — Pseudo Nymh · 42
also, it's more easy to refill its uses using cache(3). — elkeinkrad · 473

Unfortunately for this card, Divination level 4 exists.

Let's compare Divination 4 to this card.

  • It costs 2 less
  • Only spend charges on success
  • Same +2 investigate
  • Same +6 clues for clue compression, with potentially in 2 actions instead of 3 Whoops math is incorrect here. The math is actually better for Fingerprint Kit over 3 turns (assuming successes).
  • Takes up arcane slot which is less contested for seeker
  • Does not exhaust
  • The only place where fingerprint kit level 4 is better is there is not a consequence for succeeding by zero

So yeah assuming you have EoTE I would always take Divination 4 over this, if your seeker is rolling in money you could take Fingerprint Kit 4 as well.

tactis · 17
Fingerprint Kit (4) gets you 9 clues if you succeed on all 3 tests. Divination only gets you 6 clues. Recharging Fingerprint Kit's uses is more efficient, since 1 use = 3 clues instead of 1 use = 1 clue. — dscarpac · 813
Fingerprint Kit also benefits from item synergy (Backpack, Schofner's Catalogue, etc) and doesn't risk discarding cards from your hand. — Pseudo Nymh · 42
Also, Kymani can take it, but not Divination. — Susumu · 351
The kits supplies can be restored easier by e.Cache 4 than charges (I think that’s mystic only) — Django · 4973
But recharging charges is generally easier then supplies (e-cach, venture, contraband and the new mystic skill are the only options I know for supplies) — Tharzax · 1
Your comparison has a mistake at the point "Same +6 clues for clue compression". — Dippy · 1
If you spend all 6 charges from Divination (4) within two actions, you get 6 clues in total (which is +4 clues). This is the same you get from two successful actions on Fingerprint Kit (4). Considering this, you could make an argument that Fingerprint Kit (4) has the same value as Divination (4) if you succeed at 2 out of 3 tests, but greater value if you pass all 3. — Dippy · 1