Item. Illicit.

Cost: 0.


Exhaust Embezzled Treasure: Move up to 2 resources from your resource pool to Embezzled Treasure (to a maximum of 10 resources on it).

Forced - When you resign or the game ends: For every 2 resources on Embezzled Treasure, an investigator of your choice begins the next scenario of the campaign with 1 additional resource in their resource pool.

Steve Hamilton
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #63.
Embezzled Treasure


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How does Embezzled Treasure work with its "to a maximum of 10 resources on it" clause? Does this mean that there can only be a maximum of 10 resources across all copies of Embezzled Treasure across all play areas, or is it a maximum per card so you could have 2 copies of Embezzled Treasure both with 10 resources on? A: Embezzled Treasure’s “to a maximum of 10 resources on it” is only intended to apply to itself, and not to all copies. Perhaps it could’ve been worded differently, but that’s how it should be treated.
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"Two pennies saved is a penny earned"

I got to try Embezzled Treasure recently in a big-money Jenny Barnes deck, and this was an all-star. I don't think every rogue will want it, but for those who do it is for all intents and purposes a 0xp Another Day, Another Dollar that costs an action but will frequently net you more resources that you can share with your friends.

Specifically, those who want it are any rogue with more money than they can use in the lategame. Big money builds are the obvious choices here, but rogues that use money making engines like Lone Wolf, or have their resource expenditures frontloaded into assets and setup turns can also use it.

In particular, decks using Underworld Market or any other illicit synergies will find this useful. The market keeps Embezzled Treasure from clogging your hand and draws, while reliably giving you access to it early enough to start loading it up with resources. And if you're running Fence or "I'll take that!", you can get this in play without even spending the one action!

While I think this card is very strong, there are a few caveats I would be remiss not to mention. First, this is a campaign-only card, utterly useless for one shots. Second, there is an awkward timing issue with this card. The action cost to play it (sans Fence) is not negligible, and you need to play it at least 5 turns before the scenario ends to get full value. Finally, while I think a committed Big Money deck could support both copies of this card, this feels to me like a perfect one-of.

All that being said, the next time you're rolling in money, save some away for a rainy day. You and your friends will be happy you did.

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