Карти контактів
Справа. Stage 1
Clues: –
You must recover the lost memories of your previous life before Elspeth does!

Investigators at Agnes Baker's location spend 2 clues, as a group: Agnes Baker collects the memory at her location.

Forced - If Agnes Baker is defeated, proceed to (→R2).

Objective - Collect more memories than Elspeth. If all 9 memories have been collected (by either party), advance.

Joshua Cairós
Bad Blood #22. Bad Blood #3.
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Memory of Eternal Conquest - Back


If Agnes collected more memories than Elspeth:

Elspeth falls before you, pain coursing through her body. "Go on, then. Finish it," she hisses through her teeth, glaring up at you with seething hatred. Arcane power crackles in your hand. She is your enemy. Your conquest. Her life, her memories, they are in your hands. You should take what is rightfully yours.


If Elspeth collected more memories than Agnes:

You fall to your knees, overcome by pain. Elspeth looms over you, her hands crackling with arcane energy. "You are weak," she taunts. "You are not deserving of this power. But I..." she grins. "I will be so much better."



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