Elspeth Baudin
Hyperborean Sorceress


Humanoid. Sorcerer. Elite.

Карти контактів
Fight: 8. Health: 4. Evade: 8.
Damage: 2. Horror: 2.

Alert. Patrol (nearest location with at least 1 memory). Retaliate.

Elspeth Baudin cannot be automatically evaded and gets -1 fight and -1 evade for each memory she has collected.

Forced - When Elspeth Baudin would be defeated: Instead, heal all damage from her, flip her over, and resolve the text on her other side.

Dani Hartel
Bad Blood #23. Bad Blood #4.


Карти контактів

Agnes Baker must decide (choose one):

- Agnes Baker collects 1 memory from Elspeth Baudin.

- Agnes Baker gains 2 clues from the token bank.

Then, flip this card over, exhausted and unengaged.

Light crashes against the night sky as your magic and Elspeth's intersect. A blaring peal - like an otherworldly siren, calling for judgment - sends you and Elspeth both to your knees. She reels in pain, digging her nails into her temples. You reach out with your power, grasp at her memories, and pull with all your strength.
Bad Blood #23.
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Question here on how the patrol keyword works on Elspeth. If there is a memory on her current location, does she stay there or move? The rules say that patrol enemies move to a connecting location toward the nearest qualifying location... Does that mean a move is mandatory, and if the nearest qualifying location is the current one, the shortest path is off and back...? That would seem strange... Clarity would be appreciated!

Since patrol seems to be a copy of hunter and the rules for patrol are copy pasted from hunter I believe there is simply an omission of "if the enemy is at a valid location it does not move", that would make it work inline with hunter and with warring. this is the way I play with patrol enemies and I think it is the intended approach. — Zerogrim · 285

The more she collect Memories, the more she's weak ? That's strange Don't we have a problem ? Isn't it should be Agnes memories wich weakened her ? or can we consider she's totaly unminded berserk sorceress and the more memories she get, the more "human" she became ?

Jashugan · 10
Bad memories. — MrGoldbee · 1402