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chirubime · 23952

"What are the odds of meeting you here of all places, Kirby?" - Ashcan Pete.

This deck is a general departure from the type of decks I typically like to post. This one is a fun, viable Ashcan Duke build that revolves around repeatedly encountering your ace informant, Jeremiah Kirby. Hope y'all enjoy, back to regular formatting in the next one!

Jeremiah Kirby

  • Call Odd. Every card is odd except for Cornered, Jeremiah Kirby, and your weaknesses.
  • Recur Kirby with A Chance Encounter and Calling in Favors.
  • It's good that Kirby is even and everything else is odd, that way you keep the 2nd copy of Kirby in your deck to be played by Calling in Favors.
  • Payoff for card draw is usually funneled into Ashcan's ability and Cornered. Otherwise the events / assets are played for value.

Miss Doyle & Tri-Cats

  • Play Calling in Favors on Hope, Zeal or Augur to find an ally such as Kirby in your deck. Then, play that cat back out fast.
  • Automatically succeeding your investigation with Augur triggers Scavenging for Ice Picks.
  • Automatic successes for fights and investigations (Augur and Zeal) are good targets for Ice Pick to stack guaranteed damage or clue compression.

Dark Horse


  • Here are some odd-costed cards you can try in this sort of deck.
  • Call for Backup - Once the deck is set up, you have all 5 classes covered.
  • Sled Dog - They come out really fast being an odd resource cost and because you use Calling in Favors often.
  • The Fool • 0 - Ashcan can ready this card to get the cost reduction twice a round. Helps with Dark Horse and Sled Dog builds.
  • Crafty - Helps pay for the Ice Picks. Should consider playing other tools that Crafty can boost like Mariner's Compass, Old Keyring, Lantern.
  • Dream-Enhancing Serum - Helps keep your cards in hand since you overdraw with Kirby a lot.
  • Crystallizer of Dreams - It converts your events into skills. But you need to be able to deal with Guardian.

Apr 13, 2022 naevis · 1

This is incredible. I love how flexible it is. It can do a little of everything which makes it perfect for solo play. I often struggle to find published decks workable for me when I want to play true solo but this one takes the cake.

Apr 15, 2022 ChrisIsMyMiddleName · 268

Love it, Ashcan just keeps bumping into Kirby and calling him for favors. Poor archaeologist probably regrets giving his phone number to a homeless guy. But then again, Duke is just such a good boy, how could he say no?

Apr 15, 2022 GermanJoey · 964

This is an insanely cool deck, but my concern is that everything just costs way too much. Even if you can get Prophetic out on Turn 1, you're still looking at spending 30-40 resources over the course of a scenario to pay for all the assets. Even if you get maximum value from Lone Wolf and Gregory Gry, that still doesn't seem like enough to me...

Apr 16, 2022 chirubime · 23952

Thanks for the warm response Chris, naevis, GermanJoey! @GermanJoey Regarding your reservations about the resource cost of the deck, when I played the deck I didn't have trouble grabbing the resources I needed. Here are some things I kept in mind:

  • I don't need to play every asset. In fact, Ashcan already thrives from Duke starting in play putting you above the investigator baseline.
  • I don't even play Kirby from hand the first time. I simply A Chance Encounter him after I discarded him to ready Duke in my first turn. That cuts a TON of resource from the setup. You can outpace the game with just that.
  • Almost always take the upkeep resource. Your defensive stats are already boosted with Peter/Moonstone/Track Shoes. A Test of Will / Lucky can help you drop into Dark Horse range. You have Cornered too.

Apr 17, 2022 BenEhrlich · 1

Hey chirubime, what difficulty would you play this in? Are there specific campaigns I should avoid?

Apr 20, 2022 chirubime · 23952

@BenEhrlich this was played on standard in solo and 2 hand. Generally speaking Edge can bloat your draws with tekeli-li and dunwich requires you to have alter fate and test of will ready since you cycle to quickly.

Apr 23, 2022 avaira · 1

Got to try this deck in a standalone, loved it.

Apr 29, 2022 rebelx · 1

I would love to see a lvl 0 deck for this

Apr 30, 2022 chirubime · 23952

@rebelx Here you go, Lvl 0 deck listed below

It can be slightly awkward at times, It might be prudent to get an In the Thick of It for 1 Miss Doyle and 1 Cornered. That can help the deck out a lot.

Aug 02, 2022 acotgreave · 719

I took a slightly modified version of this through War of the Gods. I adapted the deck for clueing, while Agnes wandered around killing enemies.

The deck didn't sing as I'd hoped - but that's because I never drew some key cards (Scavenging, Crafty, Plucky, Mariner's Compass, Dark Horse, or Lone Wolf!).

However, I did have fun with allies. Jeremiah appeared twice, which was fun, and I did end up with nice array of assets.

I think this is a great deck, but the luck of the draw was against me this time.

Aug 04, 2022 chirubime · 23952

@acotgreave aww that certainly sounds like some unlucky draws you had. If you've been keeping up with the Scarlet Key spoiler cards I think I'd make some adjustments to this list as well. Help improve consistency to what you want to do.

Take Out: -1 Mag Glas, -2 Fight or Flight, -1 Gregory Gry, -1 Cornered

Add In: +1 Pocket Multi Tool, +1 Crafty, +2 Hit & Run, +1 Dark Horse / Pocket Multi Tool (for consistency)

Aug 18, 2022 Hydra · 6

This is a fascinating deck, and I look forward to trying it very shortly. However there is one rules issue that I think should be clarified; automatic success from [[Augur]] is not going to trigger [[Scavenging]] because the success of the test is is not two more than the difficulty. (I'm sure however, in most cases investigating at 5 with Augur will still get the intended effect)

Aug 19, 2022 chirubime · 23952

@Hydra Thank you for the interest! Regarding automatic successes (which is different from automatic actions such as automatically evade) set the difficulty of the test to 0 when determine the success/failure in step 6.

Oct 13, 2022 Mr.Bottle · 1

hello! I'm playing with the 0Xp version of the deck. What would be the priorities when it comes to improving-changing the cards with the xp? Thanks!