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Dimerson · 7

Bob has a decent knowledge status and also access to some ways to upgrade his fighting status using Baseball Bat/.41 Derringer. He'll not be the smartest or strongest investigator at the party, instead this build is focused on a more well-rounded generalist char who can help to gather the last clue the seeker couldn't get for failing on a test or deal the last two damages on a 10 hp big monster.

Strategy: Most cards interact with the discard pile, returning them to hand, so Baseball Bat becomes a more reliable option to spread damage. Assets that depends on few charges also benefit from this, letting you drop Derringer+Flashlight on the table, using all their charges, play bat to put 'em on the discard pile and get again with Scavenging/Resourceful, virtually spamming infinite charges during the scenario. Short Supply is an amazing card that feeds the discard pile offering huge options to reanimate (and sometimes getting rid of weaknesses).

Resource cards like Schoffner's Catalogue and Emergency Cache not only let you play more assets yourself but also confirms Bob as a support char and matches well his ability, letting allies benefits from it too.

A Chance Encounter while a terrible card by itself can sometimes happen to be a good combo with Calling in Favors. Since it can reanimate allys from ANY dirscard pile, it can benefits from cards that has an entrance ability (your party's seeker will probably run a Research Librarian or Laboratory Assistant). Beside, using with 'Favors can let you return this ally to its original owner if Shrewd Dealings is in play. That's right, a rogue supporter who steals from you, but hopefully gives back someday.

Update: Removed A Chance Encounter and Calling in Favors. The combo was fun, but very hard to get (also realized that Shrewd Dealings doesn't allow you to play allies to other players. The Red Clock and Eon Chart give extra actions that all rogues need and Gené Beauregard and Lockpicks provide excellent tools to improve investigation success.