Здобуток. Arcane

Spell. Augury.

Cost: 3. XP: 4.

Шукач Містик

Uses (6 charges).

: Investigate. For this investigation, you may use instead of , and you get +2 skill value. If you succeed, spend 1, 2, or 3 charges. Instead of discovering a clue at your location, discover 1 clue at your location for each charge spent. If you succeed by 0, choose and discard 2 cards from your hand.

Adam S. Doyle
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #103.
  • Divination (1) (Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #101)


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Regarding Divination and Brand of Cthugha, if the charge on the card is already zero, can I still trigger their abilities? If so, and I succeed, how do I resolve the card effect? Will I discover 0 clues or attack deals deal 0 damage because it has no charge? If I use the or skill type of test, and Deduction or Vicious Blow has been committed to the corresponding skill type of test, and the card does not have a charge, how do I resolve the effect of the skill card? I want to be clear, does the word "additional" mean that you have to discover at least 1 clue to get "discover 1 additional clue (Deduction)"? And, you have to attack deals at least 1 damage to get "deals +1 damage (Vicious Blow)"? A: Yes, as long as spending a charge isn’t part of the cost to activate the indicated action (and it isn’t, for those cards.) You can fight with Brand of Cthugha and end up spending 0 charges to deal 0 damage (but increase the amount with Vicious Blow, for example). Similarly, activating Divination, spending 0 charges, then using Deduction can still allow you to discover 1 clue at your location. (Note, this interaction would not work if you “investigated” with Divination but replaced the discovering of clues with something like Burglary.)
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The selling point of this boy bad is that seekers can also take it. For mystics, Norman Withers (yes, he is a true mystics) especially likes this card. As it allows Norman to use his high intellect instead of using his slightly lower will power to investigate. Pairing Divination with True Magick, a card which Norman can and should take, enable him to nab 3 clues in an action each round and sprint through the scenario quickly. This simple strategy also off-set the main limitation of Divination, which is that it only had 6 charges to nab 6 clues.

liwl0115 · 40
True Magick revealing Divination can get one clue per round, because True Magick only has one charge per round. — Thatwasademo · 54
Superb in solo play to clear locations in one action. Use it as complement to your ordinary investigate actions to save charges, when the game is on the line. — Skrattmas · 9
It's short-lived nature can also be a feature if you're running Dexter. Empty charges are actually still useful for him. — Maseiken · 1
unfortunately I think Thatwasademo's comment is correct. D (4) is still good though — liwl0115 · 40
You don't use True Magick with it; instead, you use Ghastly Possession and the usual Norman shenanigans to grab 3 clues in one action each turn, with 6 more charges for emergency and/or an untimely tentacle — ethereal64 · 414