Mark Harrigan - from machete to flamethrower

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Skreczi · 10

Final version of my first deck

How to play:
Basically this deck is based on using Sophie and healing yourself - its main goal is to fight and protect your cluegatherer. With Machete and Colt you can almsot always deal 2dm. Your trusty dog can add this extra 3rd dmg, similary your friend Cop. Improvised weapon is here as a backup plan to play it from a discard after you have use it to kill some low hp enemy.
Do not forget that after we, or any card under our control, got a dmg we draw a card - we can that way have four extra card draws for each round (one per phase)! Thanks to that we will always have sth usefull in our hand.
Regarding Sophie - You can always count on her to give you extra boost for a test... as long you are under 5 direct demage. And thats why I have used so many healing cards and items in this deck. Just stay under 4 dmg and you will be good to go ;) You can always try to substitude one of the lesser healing cards for "'I've had worse…" (or its upgread) since it blocks damage against you but it's taking exp, and that deck already has a lot of XP to be invested to.

Upgread priorities:

1st priority:
Upgread Beat cop(2) x2
Stick it to the plan(3) x1
Charisma(3) x1
10XP total.

Here you can start to plan your game in more detials. I suggest to choose prepaired for the worst (in case there is no weapons in starting hand even after mulligan), extra resource and doge for a card under plan.
Charisma is here to have two allays and even more dmg and psych soack.

2nd priority:
Throw away Guard dog and insert Brother Xavier(1) x2
Upgread Vicious blow(2) x2
There is little to explain here - Xavier is here to protect and harm.
6XP total.

3rd priority:
Throw away Machete and insert Flamethrower(5) x2
Throw away Improvised weapon and insert Taunt(2) x2
Throw away "Eat lead!" and insert Extra ammunition(1) x2
16XP total.

And here we have final form (sadly with 32XP)! With Flamethrower and taunt, and some extra ammo, we can deal a lot of dmg. We throw away matchete since here we want to Taunt everyone for Flamethrower to be most efficient.

Rest of the cards in sidedecks are situational and a potential good choices.