William Yorick - limited card pool, skill-heavy fighter

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Rushional · 68


  1. The idea was to build a fighter deck that only uses Core, Dunwich and Carcosa, to run Carcosa with this Minh deck, use skills and benefit from having Minh in the team. We won the campaign pretty smoothly, so I'd say the decks work.
  2. Considering Yorick's ability, we need to have a lot of assets, so "skill-heavy" still has realtively few skills.
  3. I also use Dark Horse in this deck. Weapon assets are a bit wonky. Ideally we want to get the fire axe, but if we don't manage to draw it quickly, we'll have to use the other weapons until we do.
  4. I don't run Peter Sylvestre in this deck. He's unique, and Minh's got him already. We've got cherished keepsakes, and can recur them with our ability, so we don't really need Pete anyway.


  1. Charisma
  2. Beat Cop (2)
  3. x1 Resourceful => x1 Try and Try Again
  4. Relic Hunter
  5. x1 Resourceful => x1 Key of Ys
  6. x2 Vicious Blow
  7. x2 Emergency Cache
  8. Relic Hunter
  9. x2 .45 Automatic