Stealthy Knives Skids

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Dr.Macaquito · 458

I love the idea of Stealth and after several failed attempts to make it work, I finally found a version which I love playing in solo mode. This deck is built around tricks you can do with Stealth. I think it might work as a flex build in multiplayer mode as well.

Stealthy tricks you can do with this deck:

Stealth and Survival Knife: Use stealth to evade an enemy. It will engage you at the end of your turn. Before it can attack you in the enemy phase, you can use your Survival Knife (or even two) to kill it.

Stealth and Alice Luxley: One health enemy? Use Stealth and find a clue. Alice will kick it for one point of damage. Three health enemy? Finish the job with your Survival Knife after kicking it with Alice.

Stealth and Dodge: An enemy with too many hit points? Evade with Stealth. Attack the enemy with your Survival Knives when the enemy initiates an attack against you during the enemy phase. Then use Dodge to counter its attack. Finish it next round.

Stealth and an enemy without the hunter key word: Use Stealth, pick up any remaining clues, leave.

Stealth, an enemy with the hunter keyword and Evidence!: Use Stealth, move to a connecting location with clues. The enemy will move to your location in the enemy phase. Kill it with your Survival Knives before it can attack you. Play Evidence! to find a clue.

Stealth and Nimble: You want to get far away from an enemy or just save actions you would otherwise waste on movement? Use Stealth and commit Nimble. Run away without using an action. You need to pick up the final clues at the location before leaving? Play Scene of the Crime, use Stealth, commit Nimble, run away.

Stealth and Lucky Cigarette Case: You will suceed by two alot using stealth. With Lucky Cigarette Case you can draw a card as a bonus. With the upgraded version you can even search for a card.

Stealth and Pickpocketing: Draw cards as a bonus when using stealth or even get ressources with the upgraded version.

Stealth and Delilah O'Rourke: Trigger Delilah's effect while using Stealth. The enemy has -2 evade, so the cost of Delilah's effect will be two less, usually zero or one ressource. This will deal one damage to the enemy. If the enemy gets killed due to this effect, you will sadly not get to use the effect of Pickpocketing, because the process of evading the enemy will be cancelled as soon as there is no legal target left.

Stealth and Counterpunch: Use a Counterpunch in addition to your Survival Knives to kill an enemy before it attacks you.

The other cards:

Most of the other cards are there to commit while investigating in order to boost your .

I did not include Lockpicks for three reasons:

  1. I think it is boring to use the same card in every rogue deck, but feel free to include it :)
  2. I is heaps of fun to have two Survival Knives in play.
  3. I like a quick setup and there are already alot of assets in this deck.

A starting decklist:

Exchange one Stealth with one Narrow Escape, or with two narrow escapes, if you do not want to use In the Thick of It to start with one Stealth.

Exchange two Survival Knives with two Vicious Blows. The Survival Knives and the second Stealth should be your first upgrades.


There are alot of possibillities to upgrade this deck. Here are some upgrades I like:

Upgrade Pickpocketing into Pickpocketing.

Exchange Emergency Cache with Ever Vigilant. It will help with a fast setup and has to intellect icons you can use in order to investigate when drawn later in the game.

Upgrade Lucky Cigarette Case into Lucky Cigarette Case.

Exchange the Enchanted Blades with two Counterpunch.

Buy one Charisma and exchange an Overpower with Delilah O'Rourke.

Exchange the other Overpower with one "I've had worse…".

Alternatively you can just upgrade your Overpowers or exchange them with upgraded Vicious Blows.

Exchange Scene of the Crime with Savant.

Sweeping Kick can be a good emergency card, when there are too many enemies to handle.

Another Day, Another Dollar is good for a quick setup. You need quite a few ressources during the first turns if you draw all the keycards of the deck.

Have fun and feel free to comment.


Jun 14, 2022 isuscbrmid · 38

Can we really trigger Delilah O'Rourke while using stealth? nice. havent think on that interaction.

Jun 14, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

@isuscbrmid I think so. Should be the same as triggering Lola Santiago while using flashlight to reduce the cost.

Jun 14, 2022 chirubime · 22769

This is a really cool deck! I think I'm going to give this deck a try with some minor adjustments, perhaps with an economy engine like Gry, Parallel Skids Front, Watch This so I can fund stat pumps like Hard Knocks for the Survival Knife fights. Perhaps even an Ace of Swords too. Overall, a really deep-dive on Stealth and how to maximize it.

Did you consider any iteration of the deck that uses Crystallizer? Since you deal with the Guardian so well with Survival Knife / Stealth.

Jun 14, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

@chirubime Thanks for the nice comment and all your great decklists. I tried a similar deck with the parallel Skids front and it worked okay, but I like this one better, because I somehow found more space to include cards that boost intellect. Would love to hear if it worked for you. Actually thought about crystallizer and including some favour-cards in the alternate Skids front version but have not tried it yet. I really like the upgraded Lucky cigarette case in the accessory slot, because you do not have alot of ways to find stealth with this deck except for mulligan and the lucky cigarette case.

Jun 14, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

But Hard knocks and alot of ressources sounds really god for this deck. It can sometimes be a bit low on the fight value.

Jun 14, 2022 Pugtato · 1

It's a cool idea to take your turn now, worry about the enemies later.

I think Well Prepared 2 could be great in this deck because Survival Knife 2 has two combat icons, Stealth 3 (and Pickpocketing 2) has two agility icons, and Lucky Cigarette Case 3 has two willpower icons. You could also include assets with two intellect icons like Burglary 2, Lola Santiago 3, Sleuth 3, Eye of the Djinn 2 (exceptional), or Eon Chart 4.

Jun 14, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

@Pugtato Did not think about Well Prepared. Sounds like a good fit. I think I will give that a try. Maybe upgrade one of the Overpower into Well Prepared. Thank you.

Jun 15, 2022 Zinjanthropus · 215

This deck is really cool!

Another option might be Hatchet Man which combos with Alice and Stealth pretty nicely, but IDK if there's really space for it.

Definitely saving this one for later, though!

Jun 15, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

I totally agree, that Hatchet man combos great with Alice Luxley. But I think apart from that combo it might be difficult in this deck to use hatchet man efficiently, because you want to trigger Delilah while using stealth, so before the test is successful. You want to use your knives during the enemy phase, so after your turn has ended. I think in both cases you would not get the bonus damage from hatchet man. You could of course attack with your knife as an action after evading with stealth and commiting hatchet man to get the bonus damage.

Jun 16, 2022 Zinjanthropus · 215

All good points! Sometimes one nice interaction does not warrant including something.

Hatchet Man still has a nice home in .25 Automatic and normal Delilah O'Rourke decks, at least!

Jul 02, 2022 Sleben · 1

For what campaign this deck was designed for?

Jul 02, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

@Sleben I did not design the deck with a special campaign in mind. I am running Edge of the Earth at the moment and so far everything is running smoothly. I think I would not reccomend Dunwich, because I did not think it was fun drawing alot of Frozen in Fears with Skids. But maybe I just hast bad luck drawing from the encounter deck.

Jul 02, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458

I think if I would play Dunwich again with this deck I would buy two Savant early or include Say Your Prayers or something similar, because Take the Initiative does not work against Frozen in Fear cause the wilpower test occurs at the end of your turn.

Aug 01, 2022 techoatmeal · 8

Really been wanting to play a Skids deck. I think I might take a version of this into The Forgotten Age. The "I've Had Worse" that is linked is a 4XP Guardian card. Can still take the 2XP version though.

Aug 03, 2022 Dr.Macaquito · 458 Thank you, fixed the link. After sopme more playtesting I would reccomend combat boosters relatively early because of Dkids relatiely low fight score of 3 (5 with the upgraded survival knives). I tried a build with Well Prepared recently as suggestet by @Pugtato, which I really liked, but Sweeping Kick and the upgraded Overpower and Vicious Blow work fine as well. I would also reccomend keeping the Enchanted Blade in the deck until you feel safe enough with respect to combat to exchange it. Have fun!