Bob Jenkins
The Salesman



Willpower: 2. Intellect: 4. Combat: 3. Agility: 3.
Health: 6. Sanity: 8.

At any time, an investigator at your location may reveal to you the Item assets in their hand.

You may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used to play an Item asset from the hand of an investigator at your location, under their control. (Both investigators may spend resources to pay its cost).

effect: +1 for each Item asset you control.

Cristi Balanescu
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #16.
Bob Jenkins

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Deck Size: 30.

Deckbuilding Options: Survivor cards () level 0, Rogue cards () level 1-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, up to 5 other Rogue cards () level 0.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Shrewd Dealings, Greed, 1 random basic weakness.

According to Bob, the secret to success as a salesman is persistence. People just need to be told what it is that they want. Repeatedly. Recently, Bob came into possession of a handful of "cursed" golden coins, and he hopes the same persistence he so famously advocates will help him to uncover their origin and purpose. If he plays his cards right, maybe this will be his big score. Maybe he'll finally be able to retire and buy that boat he's had his eye on and spend the rest of his days fishing in a tropical paradise. Or maybe Bob will finally come to see all that glitters is not gold.
Bob Jenkins
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can Bob Jenkins use his additional action to play Item assets from his own hand? A: Yes. Bob Jenkins is "an investigator at his location" and can therefore use his additional action to play his own Item assets. - Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion Frequently Asked Questions section
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(If you've seen The Music Man, proceed. If not, have a look here first: )


CASH for the Lucky Dice, CASH for the Rabbit’s Foot.

CASH for the Leather Coats, CASH for the Trench Coats.

CASH for the Fancy Goods, CASH for the Track Shoes.

CASH for the Tokens and the Totems and the Moonstones.

CASH for the Thermos, Pipes and Painkillers.

CASH for the Shovels and the Lanterns and the Newspapers.

Look, howdoyafight, howdoyafight, howdoyafight, howdoyafight, howdoyafight? HOWDOYACLUEVER? Howdoyafight?

Ya can Move, ya can Draw, ya can Parlay, ya can Fight,

Ya can Cluever, Cluever, Cluever, ya can Fight, ya can Fight,

Ya can Move, Draw, Play, Fight, Cluever, Cluever, Cluever,

Ya can Fight all ya wanna but it’s different than it was!

No it ain't, no it ain't, but you gotta know yer inventory!

~Shh shh shh shh shh shh shh~

Why it's the Axe / Horse combo made the trouble,

Made Survivors wanna blow, wanna get, wanna get, wanna get up and blow

Seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve, fourteen, twenty-two, twenty-three cash on any fight they meet!

Yes sir, yes sir!

Who's gonna draw and play a little batty two-hand break-onna-skull anymore?

Howdoyafight, howdoyafight? HOWDOYACLUEVER?

Gone, gone, gone with the Thermos, Pipes and Painkillers.

Gone with the Derringers, the .41, the .18.

Gone with the Signs and the Knives and the Vests.

Ever meet a fellow by the name of Bob?










Just a minute, just a minute, just a minute!

Never heard of any salesman Bob.

Well he knows what’s in your inventory!

Knows what’s in my inventory?!

What's his stat line?

Never worries 'bout his line!

Never worries 'bout his line?!

Or a doggone thing!

He's just an all-in, neck-wringing, dumb luck, hard knocks, double-nothing, high-rollin’,

Turns-into-a-great rogue salesman!

That's Mister Bob Jenkins, Bob Jenkins!

What's the fellow's line? What's his line?

He's a fake, and he shouldn't know your inventory!

Look, howdoyafight, howdoyafight, howdoyafight, howdoyafight?

He's a Shrewd-Deals man!

He's a what? He's a what?

He's a Shrewd-Deals man and he sells Catalogues

To the ‘gators in the town with the big Thompsons

And the rat-a-tat guns. Cigarette case, cigarette case!

And the Lupara, the Lupara, and pocket-Colt, too!

With a shiny gold pock-et-watch for yer big red glove-wearin'-

Weeell, I don't know what’s in yer hand but I do know

You can't make a living playin’ other people’s cards, no sir.

“You owe me one”, perhaps, and here and there a Teamwork-

No, the fellow plays hands. YOUR hands! I don't know how he does it!

But he lives like a king! And he dallies and he cluevers and he picks and he shines.

And with a transaction, certainly, boys, what else? The gator pays him!

Yes sir! Yes sir! Yes sir! Yes sir!

With a transaction, certainly boys, what else?

The gator pays him!

Yessssir. Yessssir.


HanoverFist · 487
This is incredible. Absolutely top notch stuff. — supertoasty · 24
thank you! I figured there's likely 4 people at best in the universe who'd recognize it, but hey, in for a penny... — HanoverFist · 487
"Gentlemen, you intrigue me. I believe I'll have to give Antarctica a try." — Voltgloss · 272
So what the heck. Yer welcome! Glad to have ya with us! (Eeeeven tho you'll likely never be heard from again!) Ya really ought ta give Antarcticaaa a tryyyyy! — HanoverFist · 487
Can i use extra actions to play a fast item card? — LDWZ · 1

So, I don't have a ton to say yet, but I've always wanted to build a Lupara Scavenging deck, I've tried in Finn, a bit, but you need a lot of cards to reach a good level of efficiency, and his 5-card splash is a bit limiting. Bob can take both Lupara and Scavenging without it counting toward any card limit, and his ability both synergizes quite well with Scavenging (mitigating some of the disadvantage of not being able to run Scavenging (2)), and gives him a built-in way to get the Lupara into play without using a normal action (other investigators must find stuff like Joey "The Rat" Vigil or Sleight of Hand to do this). He can even dump it into his discard with Act of Desperation for an additional 2 damage (at +3 no less).

Like Finn, he could have some issues making making shots connect, but he does have access to a lot of the same means that Finn can use to pass tests. A few examples are Lucky!, Momentum, Well Connected, High Roller, Fight or Flight, Justify the Means, Sure Gamble. Of these, Finn can only choose a very limited sub-set of the Survivor cards if he wants to also have Scavenging, while Bob has to use limited slots for Well Connected, but it is a pretty good card for him (Plus, with RttCU, we get Well Connected (3), which is no longer taking up his 5 L0 Rogue cards).

I, for one, am excited about this!

Zinjanthropus · 199

With Bob Jenkins's of 4 and his access to Lola Santiago / Gené Beauregard, he looks like a good candidate as a cluever in a duo. And with Shrewd Dealings, Scavenging and the free action to play an Item each turn, you have a great combo to cycle Old Keyring / Flashlight as long as you succeed your investigations by 2.

As Flashlight doesn't discard by itself, you can use Joey "The Rat" Vigil to discard it for a profit and have it in your discard pile ready to be scavenged.

And once the Old Keyring is free, the Flashlight makes you a profit of 1 thanks to Joey, you can go for a Well Connected deck.

AlexP · 196

Can you win an adventure without taking any move actions? Yes, with safeguard, shortcut or an automobile! Can you do it without getting any clues or evading? Yes, if you’re a guardian.

But can you do it without playing any items? Even in mystic, that’s difficult.

At maximum, Bob revolutionizes cross-class item usage. Sister Mary with a lucky cigarette case for draw power. Lily doing gunkata with a Thompson. Monterey Jack with durable lockpicks that start at +9. And those are just things Bob can slot naturally! With Shrewd Dealings, any non-signature item can go to any investigator in a three-player game.

At minimum, your party gets a free chance every turn to do the action everyone likes to do: fill their tableau with assets. Live a little, make some money, even in Antarctica. Maybe somebody needs a refrigerator.

MrGoldbee · 1220

Bob Jenkins has a bit more flexibility with his starting deck compared to his fellow Eote investigators, because he can easily swap in level 0 cards later with Adaptable should he want to. Not a huge deal, but maybe interesting if you want to upgrade one of your level 0cards

schafinho1 · 53